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New Quality in Didi Digomi

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BILDERZ Didi Dighomi

The company "Bilderz" is created on a strong financial base, from a team with many decades of experience, and like all projects, the house in Didi Digomi is fully funded in advance, so the pace of construction does not depend on sales. The new family rented the apartment a year after construction.

"Bilderz Didi Digomi" is a 12-storey residential house, located in Didi Digomi, at 40 Strabon St. (parallel to Mirian Mepe Street, near the "Round Two Steps"). There will be 140 apartments (44-153 sq.m.) in the building. Started in December 2021 and will be completed in two years, by the end of 2023.

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The project is a 12-storey residential house in Didi Digomi, 40 Strabo Street. There will be 140 apartments (43-150 sq.m.) in the building. The building will be served by 2 elevators, one for passengers and the other for trucks. Both will be of the highest quality brand. The house has 21 underground parking spaces that are for sale. In addition to indoor parking, the project has 30 common parking spaces. The entrance and exit to the yard will be regulated by a barrier. The project envisages 1000 sq. M. A well-maintained yard per meter, which includes 28 new seedlings, a children"s playground and rest areas.

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The foundation works were completed according to the schedule

March 5, 2022 According to the construction schedule planned today, the foundation slab o...

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The project "New Quality in Didi Dighomi" will be built with concrete of Heidelberg Georgia

On March 1, an agreement was signed between Bilders Ltd and HeidelbergCement Georgia Ltd.,...

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Kubikon performed the constructive part of the project

August 31, 2021 Kubikon has finished construction project of Bilderz Ltd "New Quality in ...

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