About Bilderz

Bilderz is the first savings and investment platform in Caucasus region for investments in tangible assets. Started in Georgia in 2018, it opened up direct access to real estate as an asset class to retail investorWe at Bilderz are cherry-picking real estate projects that will deliver superior returns and offer them to some 0.5 million savers in Georgia with over USD 3 billion in savings, to diversify away their portfolios from low yield brick and mortar bank deposits and get the best possible performance. 
Each project is pre-vetted by our experts and monitored by our team, ensuring the timeliness and transparency of each and every stage of development, thus maximizing the return on investment.
We invest our own equity in each and every project together with our investors, thus sharing the risks and reaping the rewards together.

How it works

- You go through the offerings prepared by Bilderz and choose the appropriate investment
- You monitor the investment throughout its predetermined cycle
- You reap the rewards through potential cash distributions generated from appreciation or rental income

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